Metal Prints

Create a truly unique artwork by having your favourite photos printed on a metal print!

Metal prints are a sleek, modern take on photo printing. At Garricks we make sure that the materials and processes used to create our metal prints are top of the line. All our prints are made using high quality aluminium and the latest in sublimation printing technology. What all this means is that you get an extremely high definition image with vivid colours which truly brings your image to life.

Printing on metal sounds heavy, but due to the high quality aluminium we use the prints are less than 5mm thick and are light enough to be mounted directly to your wall.


Come in and see our team to get started on your masterpiece!

(Turnaround time for metal printing is 10-12 business days)

For more information or to get started:

Call us: 4725 4711       |       Visit us: Domain Central, Garbutt  







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