Sensor Cleaning

Are you starting to see black dots on your photos? Sick and tired of having to photoshop out all those annoying marks? It may be time to get your cameras sensor cleaned!

At Garricks Camera House Townsville we have staff specifically trained to provide first class, local, sensor cleaning services. We offer a range of options including our standard 'overnight' clean or an 'express' 3 hour turn around clean.


Capable of catering to all interchangeable lens camera models, our team follow a strict multistage process ensuring your camera receives the level of care and attention it deserves.

Each clean consists of:

- A sample before photo taken to see the original state of the image sensor.

- Sensor cleaned using a 'dry' method to remove major dust and dirt particles.

- Sensor cleaned using a 'wet' method to remove remaining oil and residue.

- An after photo is then taken to show that the sensor clean has been completed.

- The lens and body contact points are cleaned to improve connection.

- Finally the externals of the cameras body and lens are cleaned and coated.

*In rare occasions some minor spots may be unable to be removed. You will be informed if this is the case.







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