VHS To DVD Transfer

As the world changed from film to digital many of our cherished memories got left behind. Have your VHS tapes transferred to digital so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

At Garricks Camera House we understand how important these memories are to you, so we have partnered with one of Australia's best digitisation companies, Memory2DVD. Memory2DVD are renowned for their high quality scanning, fast turn around and level of care they take with every job.


How much does it cost to have my tapes transferred?

You can find a detailed PDF that lists all of our products and services relating to VHS to DVD transfers at the bottom of this page. Pricing takes in to account a lot of factors like; Do you have VHS or film? What length are tapes/film? Did you need tape repair? etc. If it all gets a bit confusing you can always come in to store, or Contact Us online to get a quote.

I have 8mm film rolls, can these be transferred to digital as well?

We are certainly able to digitise 8mm film rolls. This form of video does have a different pricing structure than the normal, so be sure to have a look at the 8mm section in our price list.

Memory2DVD are based in Victoria so how do you keep my tapes safe?

It is extremely important to us that your memories are given the level of care they deserve. All orders are sent exclusively through Toll's top level priority service. This not only ensures that the order gets to Memory2DVD as quickly as possible, but it also allows us to track the package the entire way down, and back.

Pricing & Services

You can view a PDF with the full range of products and services HERE. 







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